Make Up FAQ's

Aida Grey Says
"make-up is a very individual thing. Know your skin…chose the makeup that goes with it…

Only when skin is thoroughly cleansed, lubricated or moisturized are you ready for makeup. Follow our step by step procedure to give you the best results.

1. Foundations:

We custom blend the foundation to match your skin tone, our foundations are also customized to better suit your skins condition.

  • Translucent: A sheer light water base for normal or dry skin.
  • Bio Col Elastin: A sheer oil base designed for dry sun damage skin.
  • Regeneratrice: A sheer yet rich and creamy base that provides extra coverage for mature dehydrated skin.
  • Vita Glow: A sheer medicated non-greasy base for oily or problem skin.

Always have at least two shades: a darker shade for the summer and a lighter shade for the winter and evening time. Blending your foundation to match your natural skin color is important, the purpose of the foundation is to even your skin coloring and to give a more flawless look. The face and neck should harmonize with each other; that is why we apply a small amount to the jaw line. However there are a few exceptions to this rule, such as when the neck tone is red.

Mineral Powder Foundation: A micronized mineral powder. Talc Free, No Dyes, Water Resistant, Natural SPF, Non-comedogenic, Non Irritating, Non Drying, adheres to the skin creating an outstanding natural and flawless look. Gentle yet very nourishing and beneficial to your skin. This remarkable product is frequently recommended by Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons for post medical procedures. Extremely beneficial for all skin types. This formula is now also available in a variety of eye shadows and blushers that are very versatile (they maybe used as eyeliners, lip liners, lip shading and brow shading).

2. Concealers:

Many times referred to as cover ups or corrective creams. We have them available in;

  • Corrective Cover Up Crème w/wand: Made with starch for a light coverage suitable for sensitive and allergic skin.
  • Cover Up Cream Compact: rich in texture suitable for normal skin and convenient to carry in purse.
  • Souffle Cover Up in a small pot: Rich yet light in texture suitable for normal to mature skin.

3. Contours:

are used to shade or highlight facial features with corrective techniques.

  • Pink/Brick - brick shade is used to correct bluish or greenish skin color; apply a small amount over the particular area and blend, then apply the lighter shade on top and blend "being careful not to remove the brick shade: let the color set and if needed apply a small amount of your custom blended foundation on top.
  • Brown/Beige - beige highlight is used to highlight the center of the nose (this will make it appear longer or thin) or on a receding chin (this will make it appear larger and less receding), on the sides of a long thin face (this will make it appear wider). The dark or brown shade is used for shading areas such as the sides of a wide nose (this makes it appear narrower). The sides of a side face on the jaw line (this makes it appear slender), to a double chin (this will make it less prominent) or on a protruding forehead (this will make it appear less prominent.)

4. Crème Rouge -

Our crème rouges in compacts are very light and creamy in texture and are almost transparent in color, this makes its application very easy.

5. Powder Blush -

finely milled pressed powders in very light and transparent shades. To prevent cheek color from fading, apply crème rouge and blend, then apply powder blush on top and blend. This application of color on color will hold for many hours without fading.

6. Eye Shadow -

finely milled pressed powders available in single, duo, triple and quad compacts, enhance the beauty of the eyes and to conceal imperfections.

7. Cake Eyeliner -

Accentuates the eye, changes its shape and makes the eyelashes appear thicker.

8. Cake Eyebrow -

used to accentuate and define the eyebrows.

9. Eye Brow Pencil -

when brows are sparse; a finely pointed pencil is used to sketch in the missing hairs; this accentuates and defines eyebrows.

10. Mascara -

Is used to give the lashes a thicker and luxurious look.

11. Lip Primer -

Is used to conceal defects and even the skin color of the lip, fills in fine lines and creases that have developed around the lip area.

12. Face Powder -

loose powders are used initially to set the makeup and give the face a soft matte finish, facial flaws are less prominent and makeup will last longer. Our translucent powder is one of the most versatile and most frequently used by the makeup artists.

13. Pressed Powder in compact -

finely milled pressed powder for touching up.

14. Eye shadow Primer -

use over the eyelids to block any discoloration and to form a base for the eye shadow, the eye shadow will cling onto it and the color will last longer.

15. Lip liner Pencil -

Defines and accentuates the contour of your lips.

16. Lipstick -

defines the expression of the mouth and adds character to your face.

17. Lip gloss -

give a moist look to the lips and helps to prevent the lips from chapping. They may be used alone or on top of lipstick shade. They are available in a variety of colors: Natural (clear), Pink Gold (A), Red (B), Brown Sugar (rusty mauve) shades.

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